Dont Forget The Struggle, Dont Forget The Streets

This ordeal is fucking with me and the fact that I’m Involved with this bullshit that I had nothing to do with.

On 2/14/2010 in Escambia County, Florida, Nathaniel Pacheco did commit the offense of Battery against Shawn Harris and Sarah Watts, detailed as follows
I was dispatched to the report of a fight in the area of Bull Feathers Restaurant on the Quietwater Boardalk. Upon arrival, I located multiple individuals who attempted to flee the area but were all detained for questioning. I made contact with V/Shawn Harris. V/Harris had a large gash on his nose and was bleeding heavily. V/Harris stated he was walking with his girlfriend, V/Sarah Watts, at which time; he was “jumped” by S/ Nathaniel Pacheco and S/Randy Hurtado. V/Harris stated he has never seen the two individuals before and does not know why they attacked him. V/Harris stated during the attack, his girlfriend, V/Watts, Attempted to help him; at which time, she was also punched by S/Pacheco and S/Hurtado.
I made contact with V/Watts. V/Watts had no physical injuries; however, she did have a slight ammount of blood on her forehead which she believes came from her boyfriend, V/Harris. V/Watts provided the same series of events as V/Harris.
I made contact with S/Pacheco. S/Pacheco had several knots and cuts on his face and head including a very large gash on the side of his head. S/Pacheco stated he vaguely remembers a physical altercation, but is not aware of what happened. Due to S/Pacheco’s injuries, it is possible he was knocked unconscious during the altercation.
I made contact with S/Hurtado. S/Hurtado stated that while he and his friend, S/Pacheco, were waiting on a taxi cab, he was approached by V/Harris and V/Watts. S/Hurtado stated V/Watts and V/Harris began attempting to start a fight verbally due to the fact they had gotten upset at one of S/Hurtado’s friends earlier in the day. S/Hurtado stated V/Harris then attacked S/Pacheco and a physical fight ensued. S/Hurtado stated he intervened in an attempt to aid S/Pacheco; at which time, he did punch V/Harris. It should be noted S/Hurtado did not have any injuries except for a severly swollen right hand that appeared to be broken.
I made contact with W/Niesen. W/Niesen stated that he observed V/Harris and V/Watts walking down the boardwalk; at which time, they were suddenly attacked by S/Pacheco and S/Hurtado. W/Niesen stated that all four individuals began fist fighting; at which time, S/Pacheco fell to the ground and became motionless.
Due to the facts and circumstances, S/Hurtado and S/Pacheco were arrested and transported to the Escambia County Jail.

And this asshole Sunday night went to jail for criminal activity, property damage and battery to an old lady.

Shitbags, YES


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