Yesterday Lucy McCreddie and I went down to Shibuya to meet up with Hitomi and her friends for the day. We took lunch at this place called Johnathans, a Japanese version of Dennys, it was a mix between Japanese courses and some western foods. Hitiomi, a model, and her friend forgot her name, a Reporter for car races, she was name dropping all these racers she met and how her job allows her to travel to all these races in diferent countries to be a reporter at these races. Our conversations were good Hitomi is learning english so it was very broken but her friend, the reporter, spoke it very fluently. Lunch was pretty good, we joked around and had some laughs at eachother. On the way to the train I saw more Neck Face throw ups, hes all over Tokyo this one was my favorite. We then down to downtown Shibuya to see a statue of this famous japanese dog,Hachiko, then took two trains to another part of Tokyo. Hitomi and her friend took us to an amusment park, we went on some roller coasters for awhile met up with another friend. Havent been on any rides in years so it was fun sitting next to Lucero screaming like a girl hahaa. The pictures were funny as fuck on the roller coaster. Later on we ended up heading back to Shibuya were we split up, we took dinner at this Japanese restraunt and headed home on some more trains. Long day but turned out really good, have a feeling imma be on base for not two long and on to my ship soon.


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