Shes Moving with the motions can’t seem to find
The guilt, struggle the back of her head
Too much weight to keep it behind
All the empty notes
 unanswered dial tones
Another night all alone
Smudged on the portrait, the carpet taste in mymouth
Heavy eyes,palms dragging on our face
We share the same reflection
my eyes rolled to the back of my head
Countless minutes, days still yet wasted


I miss sleeping in class while your behind me

Writing notes to myself pages repeating “I fucking hate you”

Going to the top of the city to say fuck this place

The drive on the way back from your house
Lying down in the sand at night
The slow drags in front of my window
Dozy behind the wheel
Hearing you cry from the next room
Cursing myself for letting you go
Yells on the phone
Not enough fingers and toes to count my mistakes
walking around the neighborhood in the dark
Climbing the overpass looking down at the cars below
throwing rope around my neck
looking for a reason not to push aside
moving towards a direction i cant find
mislead, unfourtunate
its not worth it this time
dwelling my concise full of guilt
its your life not fucking mine

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