No life

Since there has been many international incidents involving US military members in Japan where I am stationed over the past month and a half involving rape of a Japanese female, break ins, beatings, underage drinking, indecent exposure, curfew violations, public intoxication. The big wigs have set curfews, rules, and a new policy that anyone who has had an alcoholic related incident within the last three years is confined to the base and boat, can’t be out past six pm, and must be in uniform meaning no civilian clothes. During this year I was involved in two alcohol related incidents. The first one, when i came to work late and drunk at 4am with a BAC of .121. The second time, was for drinking in Hong Kong on a no alcohol letter with a BAC of .127.
These incidents resulted in me getting reduced in rank three times, from E4 to E1, loosing half months of pay for four straight months, and being confined to the boat for six months.
After finally getting my freedom back from my punishments it is yet again taken away, not from my actions but from other people’s actions. Due to these circumstances and not being able to partake in any social activities or things I love to enjoy, I won’t be posting as much as I would like. 2012 has been a tough year for me. I have less than eleven more months in the navy and can’t wait to get out so I won’t have to deal with these policies. Thanks for the support.


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