Based Imagery by Woadie Laflare for isthistobe

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SAKI AND TAJH for isthistobe

Exclusive Kodak pictures from New Jerseys SAKI AND TAJH

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Tale City, Vol 1 by Prosser

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why do you get fucked up
this is coming from the subconscious mind
alright you look for the little perks
say your walking by a couch when your sober
and now ten minutes later after you ______ your walking by the same couch
and that couch looks like its dancing
does that not make you smile
if that doesnt make you smile your not meant to _____
but if that makes you smile your meant to _____
thats it
thats _______ talkin
360 mil 5 shots 5 beers
i lost track

i dont know if im doing the right thing it feels right
i like the stairs i dont care
its all about me , what do i want

i cant _____ in here cos im not in america
i got a lighter on a leash
fuck apple

coolest person i will ever meet
theres so many cool people out there

That Hipster Porn for ittb

Justin Blyth of themthangs


Matthew Zaremba

Matthew Zaremba is a multimedia artist who splits his time between Brooklyn and Boston. His work draws influence from an upbringing that instilled in him the importance of adventure, freedom and individuality, and from his experiences and involvement in criminal subcultures.

In 2011 he shifted his creative focus to photography and created “Beautiful Then Gone”, a project that serves as a means to capture the human condition and the inevitability of life’s fleeting moments. His work has been exhibited throughout the US and has been featured on various international sites.

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