To best enjoy this album sit four to eight feet away from quality speakers,
create a triangle with your head in those speakers,
do not turn down your mids, clean your ears,
sit on something with back support,
wear loose fitting clothing,
avoid over head lighting,
close your eyes.
To best understand the material work part time,
make less than 20,000 dollars a year,
grow your hair out,
live under constant threat of eviction,
wait until your bills arrive in pink envelopes before paying them,
have a pregnancy scare,
have highly personal and misunderstood goals,
maintain a healthy body weight,
always have a scheme or a poorly thought out plan,
wake after nine, but before noon,
have roommates regardless of your age,
be a success sexually but remember your failures,
understand the world wasn’t made for you,
understand sexual partners are no better than your friends and treat them warmly,
have definite opinions but understand the world does not care,
Love animals,
do not treat retarded people like leapers,
really don’t treat leapers like leapers,
be kind to people, do not be afraid of other people’s opinions,
don’t resent people with money,
don’t be married,
do not have children,
avoid hard drugs,
they make you talk too loud and that’s annoying,
understand people have the right to be tasteless,
approach doors with confidence not fear,
attach yourself to people who are funny,
distance yourself from uptight squares,
embrace the media,
try new things