uhh 0-6 today

frankie wasnt at the shop, norm wasnt at the shop, supreme was closed, no cool shirts at headline, the hundreds, or barracuda, i got blue balls

met mr. brainwash

had some gnarly food all day

bought 2 banksy prints on wood canvas, idk if there bootlegged or not this dude had an english accent for all i know it could of been him .. w.e there still cool

tired, valentines is tomorrow no care


Im Creepin While Your Sleepin

Seeing this around the sametime last year at barracuda always good pieces on that wall

Can’t fucking get my mind settled tonight, insomnia. The last nights have been so tough trying to sleep with no worries. I feel trapped with angst and depression. Getting old thoughts I can’t tell what’s to be expected. I’m always looking to turn to you but this fucking site is the only one listening.