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thanks Ross Farrar of Ceremony



pump up the volume 2011

mad i missed punch

numb and strife had one of the best sets

floorpunch’s set at snf 09 was better

saw the ghost inside first time seeing them in years, last when they were called “a dying dream”

stole my friends comeback kid cd, anything after wake the dead i don’t care for, they had a good set as well

most dives ive done at a show, major swamp ass

got a bunch of  videos too lazy to upload them

first time at a show in japan, cute girls diving, quiet in between songs, expensive merch, looking forward to shows in the future



took forever to finally drag hopkins to kajis shop

plans on getting a sleeve done in the mean time got this awesome mom and pop

finger tattoo

met some new japanese friends plan on hanging out soon

the guitarist from Numb stopped by the shop this dude was cool as fuck

had his NY hat signed by Harvey Flanagan of Cro Mags, im jealous

dudes been playing in Numb for 15 year, Japan HC, played shows all over even the states with Trapped Under Ice, Gorilla Biscuits, Cold World, Trash Talk, Madball, Merauder… just to name a few

love tokyo love my friends