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Curtis Kulig Interview

Love Me Valentine’s Day cards would be rad, right?
ya. maybe hallmark will steal it for that. i don’t know, for me love me isn’t a valentine’s message. valentine’s day is so much pressure.  if you’re in a relationship, valentine’s day means that if you’re a guy you better not screw it up and if you’re a girl you have a lot of expectations. if you’re not a couple, it just reminds you that you’re not. it’s a weird holiday when you think about it. i mean, do you really need a specific day to tell someone you love them?

The word “love” is difficult to define and interpret. When I look upon your art, I feel Love Me is more of a statement and keeps your audience left in thought. What is the message you are trying to get across by “Love Me”?
i still can’t answer that. maybe if i write it a million more times i’ll figure it out. i think like you said, for everyone it means something different. for me, it’s just something i do.

Last autumn you were in Tokyo with a collaboration show at Exhibition A with MIRF, Mint and Serf. Can you tell me more about the mash up and your most recent visit to Japan?
i love japan. i love tokyo, the energy there is amazing. mint & serf are friends of mine so when we were asked to do a collaboration it just felt right. the show flyer is by far my favorite of all time, a combination of both our work layered on top of each other and i just think it looks perfect. it was a crazy trip but if i tell anyone about it my manager will kill me.

I plan on visiting New York City towards the end of this year for the first time and I have high hopes of seeing your tags around town, how is it getting your name out there to being recognized around major cities in the states and countries?
you’ll definitely see it in new york. and wherever i go, it is. know what i mean?

How do you incorporate photography into your artwork and which one do you prefer to do the most?
i love taking pictures. i don’t love one thing more than the other. i feel fortunate that i am asked to do both.

How big is your Krink Collection ?
it grows and shrinks and grows. they’re used to me calling.

You’ve taken Love Me from the streets to galleries to even doing clothing collaborations. What would you like to see Love Me evolve into in the future?
it’s a strange ride and i think if i could predict the future, well, i’d have a different job all together. it has two sides right now, both fine art and commercial projects. the art just keeps changing and to be honest, i don’t want to know where it’s going, i’d rather be surprised. commericially, it takes more planning of course… as far as what’s coming up, i have a collection out now with obey, a clothing line that i think looks cool. i’m also working on something with Vans but i think that’s supposed to be a secret. and for 2013 i’m talking to smashbox cosmetics and well- i can’t say much about it other than it’s been an amazing experience and i’m really excited to see it… unfortunately i have to wait a whole year and so does everyone else.

Theres works coming out with Obey, how was it working with Shepard Fairey and what could we see from this?
i’ve known shep since i was 19. he kind of opened up this whole world to me so to be invited to do a collaboration for obey is a real honor & definitely a milestone for me.

Poster Child Prints has released numerous prints and artist series done by yourself, what was your favorite print to put out with them and how do you feel about them selling so quickly?
sonja who owns it is great and makes it very easy to put out new pieces with an amazing attention to detail. she’s wonderful to work with and we always try to do something a bit different.

Whats your reaction to people who flip your and other artists artwork on eBay and other art websites?
if you need the cash, do it. everyone has a hustle.

Favorite collaboration you’ve worked on in 2011 and who would you like to work with in 2012?
wow. i can’t even remember 2011 right now. this year, there’s a lot of things planned already, but i’d most like to work with damien hirst.

“Love Me”, “Fuck Me”, “love” what other monikers do you go by or write?
copy me? just kidding, but it’s been weird to see how many major brands and other artists have copied my work without any acknowledgement that they’re doing that. i have a stack of cease & desist letters and big bills from my lawyer in jersey. it sucks.

For all of your supporters what can we expect to look out for?
more of the same, but different.