Jon D of Well Fed Interview

I’ve read somewhere Well Fed all started off as a sketch at a pizza joint, did you ever have intentions to get this distinguished and having customer base internationally? 
At that moment Well Fed was never going to be more than that; a sketch in a pizza stained notebook. There was an idea behind it but no real blueprints for development. There must have been some special minerals in that idea cause it’s taken on a life of it’s own now. There were no intentions at all to begin with, let alone intentions to gain an international following. It’s been a natural progression into this mutant child I’ve come to call my own.

When I look at the Well Fed blog and the type of designs that are put out I’m reminded of Justin Blyth’s Them Thangs, Yimmy Yayo, macabre imagery, New York graffiti, hardcore, and traditonal type tattoo flash. Recently where have you received your influence from?
Lately I’ve been really into primitive, unassuming designs made by individuals with no real knowledge of design who just wanted to convey an idea. Unadulterated and raw. Military patchwork and air force nose art, signage from riots and protests, old punk/hardcore flyers and zines. Always interested in the shitty signs homeless people make with whatever materials they can get their hands on. I’ve also been pulling a lot of influence from Japanese design and culture. Learning to break grids and reinventing my methods. And I’ve been trying to read a lot more. Your imagination can create some of the craziest visuals that you won’t find anywhere else.

There are many clothing brands that pull off the black and white designs and color ways for example Black Scale and Fuct. What sets Well Fed apart from other clothing companies?
Probably the fact that I don’t really consider Well Fed exclusively a clothing company. When it started I couldn’t figure out anything better to put my designs on than t-shirts. People responded well so I kept making them. Now Well Fed is most known for the apparel but I’ll never limit it to that. The black and white thing just makes sense to me. I don’t think well with color most of the time and simple is better.

Besides putting out T-shirts, hoodies, stickers and crewnecks you have also put out a zine, iPad case and a limited edition pocket knife. Is there any thing else we can look forward to being put out in the online shop?
There’s a couple new zines in the works right now. Got some skateboard related pieces coming. I’ll be releasing windbreakers in the next month which will be a first. Experimenting with some new things there. Like the knives, I’ll probably stumble onto something that I think would be sweet to make and just go for it. That’s usually how things work.

I would say Well Fed has gotten a lot of recognition from shows and the bands supporting them, do you consider Well Fed a clothing brand based off of music?
Music is very important to me but it isn’t the single thing that drives this brand. There has been a lot of support from the hardcore community which I’m grateful for but Well Fed is not based solely off of that.

With collaborations done with Kids Like Us, Foundation, Reven, Rain Dog Skateboards, Title Fight, Backtrack and Trapped Under Ice are there any other bands or people you would like to do works with in the future?
There’s no specific group or brand I’m currently looking to link up with. I’d like to broaden my audience in a healthy way so getting up with some unexpected groups is something I’d like to do. Always looking to do something new. Whether it be through different product or just a different perspective on things. Anything to keep things interesting and unpredictable.

How was the tour with Foundation going across Europe and Russia?
Bad ass. Spending a month in a van traveling foreign countries with some of my closest friends was an amazing thing. I feel thankful that I was able to make that trip and experience once in a lifetime opportunities with my second family (shout out to Hungarian Karl you porcelain son of a bitch). There were miserable days of fourteen hour drives and eating nothing but mushroom soup, stale bread and crab flavored chips. Days like that made me wish I was back on American soil. But even the worst days are worth remembering.

Do you plan on keeping Well Fed limited to small runs rather than dropping new products seasonal and in quantities?
There is no plan really. It’s usually seasonally appropriate but that’s just natural. I like being able to handle every order personally and make sure I have eyes on everything so smaller runs makes that possible. I’m not trying to make it into a huge distributed brand right now. Maybe one day I’ll expand but keeping it tight for now is more my thing.

Piggy backing off that with items selling out quickly, which piece of Well Fed merchandise has been most purchased and requested?
The Logo Crew Neck is the most popular item. Hold On To Your Friends tee in a close second. Those are the only two items I’ve printed more than once.

Your lines are really affordable to your consumers, how important is this to you and what are your thoughts on clothing companies who up price there clothing.
It is important to me to keep it within reach. There’s more value to me in seeing Well Fed on the backs of as many people as possible instead of stacking my wallet while also maintaining the integrity and worth of my designs. Everyone does it for a different reason. Doesn’t matter to me either way.

For all the Well Fed followers out there, whats in the works and to come down the road?
I’ve got more ideas than I’ve got time. Working on a few collaborative publications right now as well as a self published book. Got a bunch of new band designs and Well Fed designs in the chamber. Even a few motion picture projects too. There’s a lot going on. You’ll see.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Well Fed in any way. Thanks to Jordan for doing this interview. Go write graffiti get tattoos skate in traffic eat a nacho make something new and in general give few less fucks. Push yourself and do what makes your heart beat a little faster. That’s it.