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My World, My Way

At age 14 the party started
Youve been fucked up for 20 years
No longer youthful experimentation
Stuck in a groove, addiction!

Youre a sick man

Its become second nature
A sober life is out of the question
You move from one vice to the next
Stopping to ease your emptiness

One day I hope you realize

I gotta make a change
Even if it kills me
No more shit
Shot in these veins

Too many years
Lived half alive
Fucked on drugs
Lost in space
Lying to myself
Cant stand the sight
Of my own face

I know I can do it
Cause Ive done it before
I know I can fail
Cause Ive done it more
I try to be positive
But only dwell on the negative
Id try to tell you different
But Id only be
Lying to myself
Cant stand the sight
Of my own face

I know i’ve been there but it’s something I don’t feel is a necessity or a dependecy. I hate hearing from the ones closest to me that they still do it. What’s the point, is it really worth the fix. Waking up in a hospital, up all night paranoid, sedated no control, eyes rolled back, shakes and sweats … It wasn’t worth it its not worth it. Used, lost, hurt too many people from that “lifestyle”. Witnessing people fucked up is an eye opener or hearing thier shitty stories or excuses. Wait for that one moment .. One day I hope you realize.