UFC 144 Henderson vs. Edgar

Title Fight at Club Lizard

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Title Fight and Foundation

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Foundation at Club Lizard

INSIDE at Club Lizard


Walking around Yokohama i found this boutique with two big pieces outside the windows. Got my attention because ive seen these pieces before in Shibuya . RAH, Full of graffiti books, prints, and clothing. Owner Kotha had so much rare Mike Giant merchandise, summer Rebel 8 as well, and works from Mr. Cartoon. We talked for about an hour about different artists from the states and Tokyo. Its hard trying to understand each others languages but talking about the same things we like we meet in the middle .Apparently he knows Kaji too. Deffiently going back to the shop again to hang out. Japan sure does love Giant


Sunday Lucy, McCreadie and I went down to Shibuya to meet up with Hitomi. Lucy and I ended up spliting off down to the shopping area of Shibuya so McCreadie and Hitomi can go off and do there thing. We eneded up at an Apple store where me and Lucy met this perfect English speaking girl named Yusa. Myself and Lucero told her this big ol lie that we were from UCLA traveling and were looking for some cool places to visit. As we were leaving the store she met up with us again and offered to show us around town. We followed Yusa down to Harajuku. a train stop away from Shibuya and short walk. Harajuku was fucking dope, reminded me of a big ass Melrose St. with many big brand clothing stores and clothing boutiques. We followed some streets, some what alleys, where they had all these vintage, B-Boy, sneaker head, urban stores. Perfect place to pick up some clothes. There was also a lot of cool bombs and throw ups and more Neck Face! Hahhahaa. Yusa took Lucy and I to this laid back restaunt sorta like a hooka bar style real nice for lunch. At this point Me and Lucy were lying through our teeth about the UCLA college thing that we had to tell her were actually Sailors. It was a good laugh and we spent lunch getting to know eachother. Yusa, 20, is a dj, in college, blazes, and knows all about the club scenes around. She’s chill as fuck and carried on some good conversations. I had pizza fuck all that japanese food. After we took off from lunch and met up with McCreadie and Hitomi and the Harajuku train station. Hitomi had to bounce cos she had work, so we continued our tour with out her this time with McCreadie. Yusa took us through our first shrine that we have visited since coming here, Meiji Jingu a Shinto shrine, it was fucking amazing. Trees, ponds, a bunch of Benihana legit Japanese style temples or whatever the fuck they were. After our shrine visit we made our way back to Shibuya seeing some awesome shit on the way. Our long ass day ended after getting drinks at Chilis and concluded at Grapefruit Moon to pick up clothes where we went our ways. Yusa was cool as fuck and showed us a really good time. It was one of the best days I’ve had since being here and it wouldn’t have been that fun with out meeting her. Definently hanging out again and visiting Harajuku as well !

Good fucking restraunt

Japanese rockabilly guys dancing in this park near Shibuya

Rockabilly chick WOULD

Baby Castellahs, bomb fucking little funnel cake breads so good cool name too

My future dog in the dog park in Shibuya

Saw this guy in this Rebel 8 shirt with his fixie decked out in Rebel 8 stickers, Shitoro. Cool fucking guy we talked about Mike Giant in broken English and Japanese. Good dude backed hard