on the way to LAX , 12 hrs flight

japan bound

happy birthday ISTHISTOBE

todays my last day in california for a bit, longer than a year this time

made and broke off some people but thats how shit goes

did a lot of stuff i wanted to do that i cant do back in japan

flight tuesday morning ten hours or so… jet lag -_-

back to reality, japan that is … work, friends back there, tokyo


its also my one year blogging on here

29,300 views, 383 posts, 960 tags

for this coming year plan on posting from different cities, countries, shows, galleries around the tokyo area

looking for some other posters for here, a domain, expanding making this something



new banksy pieces in hollywood charlie brown and crayola boy

kind of sceptical about those banksy wood prints  i bought the other day in melrose even more now, maybe it was him?! prep for the academy awards, hell get it

sunset blvd. lets go !


uhh 0-6 today

frankie wasnt at the shop, norm wasnt at the shop, supreme was closed, no cool shirts at headline, the hundreds, or barracuda, i got blue balls

met mr. brainwash

had some gnarly food all day

bought 2 banksy prints on wood canvas, idk if there bootlegged or not this dude had an english accent for all i know it could of been him .. w.e there still cool

tired, valentines is tomorrow no care