isthistobe 2011 wrap up

heres my favorite pictures of 2011

 highlights: going back to california

meeting mr brainwash,fairey, revok

seeing free spit,floor punch disengage, and ceremony

bunch of art shows and insa in hong kong

personal shit i got accomplished in eleven, but more goals and dreams for twelve as far as for ittb


Raymond Pettibon & Toffer Chin


uhh 0-6 today

frankie wasnt at the shop, norm wasnt at the shop, supreme was closed, no cool shirts at headline, the hundreds, or barracuda, i got blue balls

met mr. brainwash

had some gnarly food all day

bought 2 banksy prints on wood canvas, idk if there bootlegged or not this dude had an english accent for all i know it could of been him .. w.e there still cool

tired, valentines is tomorrow no care