Estevan Oriol Celebrates Cinco De Mayo at Pizzanista!

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Snorri Sturluson & Daniel Arnold at Known Gallery

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Sylvia Ji

work is perfect captures realism, culture, emotion. Have have to go to on of her shows someday and on my pick up lists of prints to get hopefully this month. Projects remind me of when I was younger, my moms use to take me with her to this family owned shop in the village. It was all Hispanic culture and my mom would show me all the dia de la muertos figueres and hispanic art work. Sylvia is from the bay as well with giant, lewis and the whitewalls frequents.


Back in high school when I was a freshman circa 06-07 I dated this chick whos brother was into tattooing. I remember going over to his house so one time and he had graff books, tattoo flash books, prints, and all sorts of rad shit around the appartment. There was this one book that caught my eye “GIANT” I only went through it thinking it was one of Shepard Fairey’s OBEY books but it ended up being Mike Giant’s work. Ever since then I was hooked on his work from his tattoo work, to graffiti, and clothing label he runs with Joshy D Rebel8. I first found his original blog on FecalFace and since he started writing on Rebel8s blog ive been lurking for the past years. Mike’s work opened me up to different artists and the art community.