Keith Haring at Ageha Shibuya

cant go to this cos i got duty, fuck

but going to this after i get off work 🙂

ZEVS Solo Exhibition

art statement
3-2-12 Ebisu-minami
Tokyo 150-0022

wish i could read japanese, i want to go to this

my boat better be pulled in so i can go to these fucking events in october

wondering yokohama

long fucking day, got some cool shit, met some new japanese friends,new stores, good fucking japanese food for once. overall good day 🙂

just realized my new guilty pleasure are cats, even though im allergic :s


Walking around Yokohama i found this boutique with two big pieces outside the windows. Got my attention because ive seen these pieces before in Shibuya . RAH, Full of graffiti books, prints, and clothing. Owner Kotha had so much rare Mike Giant merchandise, summer Rebel 8 as well, and works from Mr. Cartoon. We talked for about an hour about different artists from the states and Tokyo. Its hard trying to understand each others languages but talking about the same things we like we meet in the middle .Apparently he knows Kaji too. Deffiently going back to the shop again to hang out. Japan sure does love Giant