Sick of drying up in the sun

sick of this island

sick of fun

sick of being sober

sick of starting over

sick of Black Flag

sick of Cro-Mags.
Sick of the living

sick of people dying

sick of the buying

sick of trying

sick of television

sick of telephones

sick of homophobes

sick of condos.
Sick of the GOP

sick of liberals

sick of me

sick of Obama

sick of head trauma

so very tired of feeling sick.
Sick of living in America

Sick of mass hysteria

Sick of realism

Sick of Buddhism

Sick of long boards

Sick of hardcore

Sick of Catholics

Sick of atheists

Sick of police

Sick of yuppies

Sick of paying rent

Sick of being bent

Sick of hearing lies

Sick of mankind