Ned Russin Interview

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The Disengage 7″ has an exclusive track on it in Japan right?
We just put it on the seven inch just for Japan for Alliance Trax.

Alliance-Trax can you tell us about it and how they’ve been helping you out?
We met Daki who does Alliance-Trax, or we didn’t meet him at first but he sent Jefery from Run For Cover an email talking about licensing The Last Thing You Forget and it was right around the same time he offered us to come over with H20. We knew Daki through some of our mutual friends cause he’s done so many records for American bands. All of our friends bands that came over here and knew Daki. They told us he’s a good guy, you should trust him, he’s cool and he does a cool label. We put out The Last Thing You Forget and then right after that we came over with H20 since then we’ve been in touch with him and we see what they put out and he just did the Disengage record that i’m involved in, Shane and Ben are also involved in. He’s just an awesome guy. Daki’s the man and he brings over so many cool bands. He does so much for the Japan hardcore scene and he just has a good head on his shoulders. He’s a really cool guy.

They got Cold World coming out and Backtrack at the end of the month and Nails too from California.
Yeah thats real cool.

This is your second time out here right?, the first time you guys came with H20 how was that?
Yeah … that was September 2010 … that was awesome that was cool. I don’t know how to explain it. It was our first time coming I didn’t know what to expect. So, it was just crazy. There could have been no one there it would of been insane for us. So, just the fact there was a lot of people there mainly to see H20 but it was so cool for us but this time were doing a lot more sight seeing stuff and im really excited about that it’s a lot of fun.

Sights in Japan where do you plan on going?
We hit up the buddhist temple in Nara and that was awesome. H20 went last time and they came back and told us about it and we had no idea what it was or anything so, we wanted to head over there cause last time we didn’t get to do any stuff in the country or anything. So it was real cool to see that side of Japan that we didn’t get to see before. We went to Osaka Castle and stuff like that. I dont know the rest of the time were spending kind of in and around of Tokyo. So just kind of go anywhere we can. We don’t got a specific kind plan were just trying to see some stuff that we can’t …

Ben was saying it’s hard for a lot of people to travel and get out of town. How is it going across the States going to Japan and Europe?
It’s a trip, you know it’s real crazy. It’s something I never really expected us to do you know. I’ve always wanted to play in a band since I can remember. My older brother is seven years older than me and he’s always been in a band. Its kind of something I grew up with. I always knew I’d play music and I’d be in a band but never once did I think that we would tour the states or even get to Europe or Japan or anything, Australia. It’s Crazy to have this opportunity it’s so awesome for us. We travel with our best friends, we get to see so many cool places, we get to meet so many cool people, hear so many cool bands, it’s hard to put into words how much this means to us and how much fun we can have doing this. This is just such a cool opportunity. You know if you have the opportunity to go out with your friends and play music I recommend to anyone. It’s really cool, it’s so much fun and we’re really thankful.

Wilkes-Barre scene, Kingston, how do you feel thats going right now
It’s awesome.

I feel like everyone is listening to all the bands that are coming out United Youth, Dead End Path …
Yeah, it’s weird we were just having this conversation with Foundation the other day. People who aren’t from Wilkes-Barre talk about Wilkes-Barre. I think they got this idea in their head it’s a major city like its a New York or Philadelphia. It’s literally this little suburban town. You know like a good show in Wilkes-Barre will be like a hundred kids. You know like a great show will be two hundred kids it’s nothing you know. Its nothing really that crazy. We have a lot of kids that are stoked on hardcore. We have a lot of awesome bands and I think the biggest thing is that people just really care about it. We went from having things like Posi Numbers Fest, Walk All Night Records, and Captain Metropolis and all these great things that were so cool and really kind of paved the way for our generation of kids to literally having nothing. To Venues closing, Posi Numbers Fest got shut down, Walk All Night stopped doing records. We went from having this great scene to literally being fifteen years old and being oh I guess we kind of have to do something now. Having to kind of realize that made us want to do it that much more. Everything that we have we have worked hard to get and i’m really proud we have our own venue now. Back to Back is putting out records for all bands from Wilkes-Barre. It’s a really cool time to be from Wilkes-Barre.

It’s cool for me coming to shows in Japan and seeing people wearing United Youth and Stick Together merch.
Yeah i’ve seen a couple Stick Together sweatshirts the past couple of nights. It’s fucking awesome, I don’t even know where they get this shit you know. The fact that people are just paying attention to it and are excited about it, that’s so fucking cool.

You guys are going to be playing Warped Tour, correct?
Yeah, we’re doing that all summer.

Any chance of being on Sound and Fury this year?
Uhhh, it doesn’t look like it. Warped Tour is all summer long, it would be kind of a shot in the dark if we were around the same time and all that stuff.

Do you think your going to bring on a new audience by playing Warped Tour?
I don’t know? I mean I guess thats the whole idea of those kind of things. Play to a lot of people who never heard of you and hopefully the come out when we come around town on our own and they’ll come check us out. Hopefully we get some new kids at the shows, that would be cool but if nobody likes us and we go over a fart in church then whatever.

Your guys side projects like Disengage and Bad Seed, will we ever be seeing anything put out in the future, shows, or more stuff?
Yeah, Bad Seed is pretty much done I don’t think that would be coming back. Disengage just put out a record and we’re trying to play some shows.You know thats just more of a when we could do it kind of thing. Hoodracks in the band from Stick Together and he lives forty five minutes away from us with out a car so it’s hard to practice. So we try to do that when we can but that’s just more of my personal fun thing. We always kind of get home get bored and start new bands. There will definitely be new experi-bands that involve any one of us. It’s hard to sit home and not want to go over our practice space and jam with our friends. That’s kind of what happens all the time and then well do a demo or a record and kind of take it from there. It will definitely happen but theres not to many plans right now.

Around this time last year I was in California for the Triple B weekend tour and saw Disengage, Free Spirit, and Minority Unit. How was it playing with those bands?You guys also played the Triple B Showcase?
It’s awesome! Free Spirit is one of my favorite current hardcore band. I love them a lot. I loved the band before I knew the dudes really. We went to Boston to see their first show and I already met Gil and Ken maybe once and I kind of re-met them. They had a bunch of reline up changes, I kind of came close friends with those dudes too. It’s just cool to be able to play shows with your friends especially Disengage cause that’s something to me. I write all the stuff to that and to me thats kind of me being me and it’s cool to go out with my friends who I love to see and play music seeing kids go off and stuff. That’s really cool. It’s also fun to not be so serious with it and be like alright lets play three shows in California and loose a bunch of money and not give a fuck. That’s cool you know to be doing that with our friend’s band is a lot of fun.

Thats what it seemed like. I saw Manny Mare’s pictures and you guys were just chilling in Hollywood having great times.
Especially for the guys in Free Spirit because they rarely go on tour. They have real jobs and are in school and do all this shit. The fact that we got them to go with us is awesome and they were so stoked to go and see California and stuff. It kind of sucks because we tour a lot and get to see the country all the time and you know sometimes were like “awhh we’re in California again”. I don’t want to feel like that, so when we go with people were like “oh theres the Superman guy or whatever in front of the theater” it’s cool to see that and it’s cool to see people excited and that gets me excited.It’s always fun experiences.

You guys have been real busy, you guys did a tour last year with Touche Amore around the states.
Yeah we did like five or six weeks with Touche, The Menzingers, and Dead End Path. Then we went right to Europe a few more times and then we went to Australia and then back to Europe.

Just non-stop.
Yeah, from May until December we were on tour with maybe the most of the time being at home for two to three weeks. It was a lot of getting out there and playing, you know that’s what you want to do and i’m not complaining. We got to see a lot. We went to Australia for the first time and Europe a lot and that was cool. We went to Spain for the first time and did a lot of cool shit.

You guys played in Europe with Basement?
Yeah, that was cool. We’ve known those guys for a while we actually met Fisher and Alex when they were over in the States on vacation. They were over with their family and they just got away from their family for two days and came with us. They sent us a Myspace message or something like “Hey, we’re fans of yours from England or something. We’re coming to Bromley, North Carolina and just want to say hi.” Ok, they came and asked “Do you know how we can get to the next show in Richmond?” Yeah, sure hop in the van and since then we knew those guys and told us about their band. It was called something different at the time and we went over there. They played for the first time it was with Polar Bear Club. They were on most of the shows in the UK and so we heard them and when we went back we were like yeah we should tour with Basement. That was cool to do that.

Any current bands your listening to? Ourside, New Brigade…
Ourside is fucking sweet. Yeah Ourside’s awesome. I just actually got an e-mail from their singer. When Disengage was playing up in Boston last weekend and we put Ourside on there. Dude just e-mailed me and was talking to him and their playing Warped Tour which is real cool. The New Brigade demo is real cool. I think United Youth is writing new songs, I fucking love them and they’re great. Uriah from Dead End Path is telling me he’s starting a new band. The new Gypsy record is coming out soon and that’s fucking awesome. Preorders for that went up a little big ago.

How about Clear?
Yeah! I just saw Clear in DC they were cool. Pat told me they were gonna finish up their demo soon. There’s a lot of good bands right now. It’s cool, i’m bad at thinking on the spot but there’s a lot of cool bands hardcore or not right now.

Do you have a favorite Southern California band do you like to tour and hang out with?
I like the Soul Search guys a lot, they’re cool. We always chill with those guys when were in California. Even if its for a day or something you know. Those guys are cool and I don’t know. Rotting Out guys are real nice. Alpha and Omega have been our friends for a real long time and we haven’t played with them in a while but we always chill with them. I’m sure i’m forgetting so many people right now, people are going to be mad at me.

Any last things you’d like to talk about? shout outs? anything about Japan?
Japan is fucking awesome! I love it!

Had any good foods or anything?
Monsua, Beef Bowl.

Have you had CoCos yet?
Nah, CoCos Curry? yeah I saw that. I haven’t eaten that yet. Japan’s awesome. I love it. The kids are so excited about music and they go off and they’re real cool. Anyone who has the opportunity to travel with their friends go play music, be in a band or anything just fucking take it. This is awesome, we’re happy to do it and it’s for everybody. You don’t need to be a somebody to do this. You can be a fucking idiot who doesn’t know how to tune your guitar and you can make it to Japan. Just start bands and go on tour.

I appreciate you guys coming to Japan because not a lot of bands come and when they do they get a good response.
Yeah, that’s what seems so crazy it sucks feeling so spoiled. I feel any tour thats going on in the states I can see pretty easily. Two hours from New York, two hours from Philly. When we travel, when we go to Australia and Japan these kids don’t get to see the bands that we get to see all the time and I feel bad for them cause I get to see these bands maybe once every three months or something and they get to see them maybe once a year. Sometimes a lot of the bands they’ll never get to see and I feel like when American bands make it to Japan or where ever kids get so stoked and I think thats awesome. That’s more happy that we get to make other people that we’re coming to their town.

Your guys tour, you guys are going all over Japan just looking at the dates. They’re all so fucking far from each other.
Yeah, it’s awesome it’s so far in Japan but like this is nothing compared to touring the States. I think our longest drive was five hours we did that today and thats probably the shortest drive that we have back in the states. So, this is leisure, I like this a lot. We’re not busting our ass having to drive over the night and worry about that. It’s cool and get to the city and see what it’s like and hang out, look around and stop along the way. It’s really fucking cool and a great way to tour

Did you happen to check out the Revelation Showcase lineup at the Glasshouse?
Yeah, it’s cool. There was so many rumors floating around going around before that. I don’t want to say was a let down but I was expecting something different. I think that would definitely be cool. I don’t think we will be able to make it out for that, I would like to but we may be tied up at that time doing some new record shit. To see Gorilla Biscuits two or three nights, I would love to see Youth of Today. I fucking love Youth of Today. Hopefully they do something like that on the east coast, I could make it to that a lot easier. That’s really fucking cool Rev’s my favorite label. They’ve done so much in the past thats made me who I am as a person, with the bands they’ve put out and their style. That really resinated me a lot when I was getting into hardcore and it’s still important to me and I really like it and its fucking cool. I love Rev anything they do i’ll be down with.


title fight and foundation tonight yokohama

Alvin Carrillo Interiview

2011 was not that long ago, do you think 2012 will be just as successful as it was last year?
I definitely feel there are going to be greater opportunities for me this year. I have a lot of plans for this year and a lot of people to back me. I’m really excited. More traveling as well.

Last February I was able to check out Glen E. Friedman’s exhibit at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles and was reminded of todays photographers at shows for instance Dan Rawe, Manny Mares, Vanessa C-C, Zac Wolf just to name a few. Do you think years from now People would look back on your guys photos as those of Friedman’s pictures for us?
That’s tough to answer. I would certainly hope they do. Also in the sense that kids in the future appreciate the bands we enjoy today. Such as we enjoy the bands / people Friedman was able to shoot. There’s a lot of great photographers today, including the ones you named. They definitely have iconic work, in my opinion. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be looked at in that manner years from now. As far as my photographs go, I can only hope the same way. I’m very critical of my own work but regardless I hope I can make some kind of impact in the future. In a way, it’s a goal of mine.

Your Tumblr has been real consistent and updated frequently with the shows you’ve been attending, what were some of the best ones you have gotten to shoot at this past year?
Another tough one. Trash Talk at The Cabin was definitely a fun show to shoot. I got hurt pretty bad during that set (dives, hit in the head with a bass, head against a wall, kicked in the nose, etc) while trying to take photographs but I was pretty pleased with how they came out, as was Lee. Definitely worth it. All Cabin shows were great to shoot (The Rival Mob, Joyce Manor, Rotting Out, etc), Sound And Fury, etc. Too many to name.

I  currently reside in Japan right now. Being from the Inland Empire and Los Angeles area of California seeing some of the old venues and areas that I use to go to gets me stoked on your work. What do you think of all the bands coming out of the Los Angeles area right now i.e New Brigade, Rotting Out, Joyce Manor,  Xibalba, Soul Search, Minority Unit, Touche Amore, Downpresser etc. ?
There’s a ton of great bands from this area out right now. Especially the ones you named. Los Angeles is killing it right now. I think everyone can agree.

I once tried the vegetarian and vegan diets in high school but couldn’t follow up on it, what does being vegan mean to you and any favorite vegan restaurants to check out?
It’s definitely something I feel strongly about. I think it’s really important on many levels. There are numerous reasons to go Vegan and they aren’t very hard to research, so I suggest more people do so. Restaurants – One World in West Covina and next door there’s a place called Unique Pizza that will make you a pizza with Vegan cheese and Vegan sausage for a very reasonable price. Those are my two main attractions and have been for quite some time.

Do you prefer using DSLRs or film? Nice wide angle pictures by the way.
Really depends on what i’m shooting. I recently got into 35mm and I’m a huge fan of it. I enjoy DSLR when i’m shooting live bands most of the time. Film usually when i’m shooting more personal stuff. Thanks!

Having your photos being featured on the Minority Unit 7 inch, do you plan on collaborating with any other bands on getting your work used for merch or promotional features?
You’ll be able to spot some more stuff other than records that’s already in works with my photographs and i’m honored. I don’t believe I should reveal anything specific yet but to just answer the question, definitely.

Having a store online to sell your prints, which photos have been picked up the most?
I just did a limited run of American Nightmare prints that went out pretty quick but people have definitely been interested mostly in the Minority Unit and Ceremony / Have Heart photographs. I get asked a lot about other bands but I haven’t established prints with them yet.

Ever thought about doing an exhibit or having your photography displayed ?
I recently spoke with The Glasshouse over here in Pomona and you may be able to see some of my work from Glasshouse shows hanging in The Glasshouse Record Store soon. I’m usually weird about the idea of an exhibit though. I always feel I need to compile more work.

Through out last year you also made videos of Ceremony, Xibalba, Shadowrunners , Odd Future, Seahaven, Title Fight and many others.Are music videos something we can look forward to this year?
Definitely, definitely, definitely. Details soon. Promise.

I saw some zines posted a while back, plan on putting anything new out soon? 
There’s a few collaboration zines in the works but nothing too official. You can expect a zine from me this year though.

Anything you’d like your readers to know about Alvin Carrillo?
I enjoy shooting as much as you enjoy being there. I appreciate your support more than you know.

Manny Mares Interview

I first discovered you from the B9 a few years back. At the time I believe you were living in New Jersey and were traveling around with different bands taking pictures. Tell me a little more about yourself.
Hello! Yeah right now i’m currently living in Arizona..i moved out here a few years ago. Every day I wish I was still in Jersey tho…lived there for about 13 years. Hm to sum it up i’m a photographer out of Mesa that’s into music, working, and cameras.

What’s your current set up,film,lighting etc. that your using to shoot?
Right now I have two set ups. I have my primary camera with is the Mamiya RB67 with a 90mm lens. It’s for sure my go-to

camera, and it’s amazing how much it has forced me to push myself forward. I also use a Canon Elan 7 with a 50mm lens. That
camera comes very handy for live music and more fast paced photo shoots I do. I also use a Sekonic 358 light meter. I try to only shoot
Provia 100F and Pan F50 for my shoots. Everyone tells me to try Portra 400 but i haven’t caught on yet haha.

What are some common criticism misconceptions that you have received about your work?
Eh just the typical shit you would hear about dudes photographing models. I always get shit on how i get to photograph some of these bands as well aha. I have been doing this for years so i’m used to it by now. People will always hate for sure.

I believe you work at a 711 or Circle K, is photography something you want to pursue as a full time job?
Props for mentioning Circle k! Yeah I have been there for a few months now after being unemployed for a while. It literally came out of nowhere..Never would I thought i would be working there haha. I definitely think too much about what I want to do when I’m working a graveyard shift. I think doing this full time would be dope but it’s literally going to take hard work for it to happen. I also don’t want to sacrifice doing what I enjoy in order to make money. I would still want my personal input into the photos. That would be perfect!

Over the past months i’ve noticed a transition of your work from shooting bands live and off stage to capturing portraits with models and friends can you tell me about the progression of your photos?
Yeah, absolutely. I have literally been taking photos of musicians for a few years now so i needed something new. It’s not that i’m tired of it, but I have been doing this for a while. I started out by taking photos of punk/hardcore bands , ended up going out on tour, and felt that I needed something new here in Arizona while i wasn’t doing photos of bands. Modeling has been great. I love that it’s fresh to me and it’s exactly what I loved about music photography. I’m on my 15th model I think, and i’m still excited about it haha. It started out with my friend Alanah and me going out to this warehouse with a bunch of film haha. Ever since that I have done a lot more and people seem to like it. I’m sure eventually i’ll stop and do something completely different. Just don’t want to get bored of the same things..

Over the past few months I have done photos of Title Fight, Four Year Strong, The Story So Far, Aficionado, and Make Do And Mend and that seems good to me tho. I’m at that point where if a friend’s band comes through here then we’ll meet up and do some photos. It’s relaxing to me..I would still like to travel but I’m not putting 1,000 miles into my car anymore in a week haha,

I remember seeing you at Sound and Fury 2009 off the top of your head any notable shows/fests thats you’ve shot at? 
Yeah yeah that year was cool. That was my 3rd one i think. The first year of me going was cool since I got to meet a lot of people that would eventually help me a lot through out the few next years. Robby Redcheeks was out there doing a book at that time…I hadn’t even met Todd Pollock yet! haha. It’s funny how things change. in 2009 I was more comfortable for sure..I took a lot of photos that year. I missed the first year of S&F but the second year I made up my mind and flew alone. Bob Shedd actually got me a photo pass. That was a whole different world to me then…I had never gotten a “pass” to shoot anything before that. They were real strict about cameras so i was thankful for that. I was literally out there by myself…I knew 10 people but seemed to do just fine now that I look back.

One of my best experiences have been doing photos for either This Is Hardcore/Black N Blue. Loved how professional both run the shows/festivals. Being able to shoot the Superbowl Of Hardcore was an experience i’ll never forget. They truly made me feel welcome in an environment that I didn’t know anyone. Same goes for This Is Hardcore. I haven’t been out there in 3 years but I’m hoping to either go this year or the next for sure.

How did the Title Fight concept fall in place?
It started right after I moved to Arizona. I was out here for a bit now when Title Fight started to do bigger tours and make their way out to the west coast. I asked Shane on a whim if I could come along on the Four Year Strong tour and he replied with yes. Haha it was probably a week before the tour got to AZ so i didn’t believe them. I had never been on a tour that big so I didn’t start buying film till the night before they got to my house. I wasn’t sure, you know? I ended up going to walmart and buying 8 rolls of films (my lucky number) and took a lot of photos on that first tour. I couldn’t believe it…that tour was fun since i didn’t really know how things went like on tours like that. I was surprised how friendly all the bands were to me as well. Some of my favorite photos from that tour are from Vegas since it was my first time going there. We drove from Arizona over night and all woke up as we were just entering Vegas in the morning. It was rainy so we walked around the casinos a lot. Anyway, I got to do a few more tours with them and eventually a lot of them made it to the “Shed” album.

At the time did you expect those pictures or plan for the project to gain as much recognition that it has received? 
I had no idea from the beginning that they were going to be used for it. I don’t think the album even came out till 2 years after. But i loved how they used the photos…it chronicles them from the beginning of that first big tour to where they are now. I’m still very grateful every time someone brings them up. I would say them as whole have helped me out a lot with getting my name out there so i’m really happy about that.

Greatest accomplishments or claim to fame?
Man I can’t even begin. Shooting the superbowl of hardcore for sure. Being able to go to the Fest with Hostage Calm and photographing them along the way. The first year that Joe Hardcore let me shoot his fest. I emailed him a few weeks in advance but I didn’t know till the day of if i could shoot the whole thing. That was a great weekend. Basically meeting all the people I know now.

Plans to produce or print any of your work for sale?
Yeah it’s been on my mind a lot recently. I’m eventually going to make some Title Fight prints plus some of the models i have been working with. I want to do every thing just the way I imagine it so i don’t want to rush it.

As far as inspiration, who are some people you look up to for reference and aim?
As for bigger names I would say Glen E Friedman, Jim Marshall, Richard Avedon, and Annie Leibovitz. Great great photographers with a strong message. I loved how deep into their subjects they got/get. They all seemed to capture eras that are important for me for sure. All my friends inspire me as well. I know everyone says that but truly love how creative some people are.

Its the second week of 2012, what are your plans and goals that you got for the rest of the year?
Well I just got over being sick so there’s that haha. 2012 has been pretty cool tho..I believe i had 3 photo shoots already which seems like it’s going to be a year full of those. I work full time and on my days off i”m out doing shoots. I also try to do them when I work graveyards.

This year I really would like to tour more, try to have at least 25 photo shoots, and put out a few prints. Really would like to create relationships with some of the people i photograph as well…be able to do a series on one person.

Any notable shout outs or thanks you’d like to give ? 
yes! thank you to my friends and family for always supporting me. In no order…thank you to my parents, Jason Klar, Diana Sorenon, Leo Galaz, Nathan Conglenton, Alvin Carillo, Julian Berman, Kaleb Marshall, Shelby, LorenZO, Leah, Robert Scheuerman, BRENTON, Ryan Tassi, Reid, Zac Wolf, Dan Future Breed, all my Edison/Mesa homies, Aaron Coleman/Mando at Immaculate Tattoo, TEMPE CAMERA, all of my beautiful models, Stephanie Sapp, Ned..Ben..Jamie..Shane @ Title Fight, Elko, Lil Aaron, Tim, Dan, Adam, Felicia @ Epitaph Records, Johnny @ SideOneDummy Records, Karen at Define The Meaning, Joe Hardcore, Joey 6131, COLD WORLD,….thank you!!!



great weekend wish i can enjoy another time like that back home