My Black Friday

Curits Kulig Tokyo

I missed the Curtis Kulig and MIRF (MINT and SERF) exhibit this past month

It was cool catching these new spots up in Shibuya, tons of “Love Me” stickers everywhere

Seeing this stuff is making me excited for the new print dropping on tonight



Better Never Than Late @ No.12 Gallery

E.U.S.T.A.R.T  ft. André, D Face, Ben Eine, Mau Mau and Martin Whatson @ Gallery North Gate


new lens


Andy Warhol

Space Invader



its been almost three weeks since we pulled out of thailand

work is work, dont like to talk about it because its so fucking repetitive

dealing with the same fucking people everyday, getting five hours of sleep for a few days straight … it just fucking sucks

i got birthday packages from my sister and lilly … lots of candy and cool stuff thrown in thanks !

Eddie got me a print signed to me by Dabs and Myla, thanks !!!! thanks ! thanks ! I love you man

were in port for a few weeks in japan pretty much a working port

climbing mt. fuji on the 30th, tokyo every week,trolling,eating mcdonalds everyday and chillin with friends only thing on my mind

i just bought a Canon T3i 18mp so ill be posting better pics shortly