isthistobe 2011 wrap up

heres my favorite pictures of 2011

 highlights: going back to california

meeting mr brainwash,fairey, revok

seeing free spit,floor punch disengage, and ceremony

bunch of art shows and insa in hong kong

personal shit i got accomplished in eleven, but more goals and dreams for twelve as far as for ittb

new lens


Andy Warhol

Space Invader



i finally got around to the Zevs exhibition at Art Statements in Ebisu

i literally ran past the gate at the train station,hopped trains and ran to the gallery

to make it before they closed

unfortunately pictures were not allowed of Zevs displayed work

I anticipated seeing the classic drip logos including the Mcdonald’s M and Channel logo

but the show was more focused on his latest pieces from this year

the canvases were amazing! skulls, Louis Vuitton logos, and renditions of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

I also met Frankie Cihi, who was running the place, she was really nice and an artist from Tokyo as well

definitely plan on going back to view sometime soon

after Art Statements i took the train to harajuku to make it out to Ryuta Nakajia’s Ceph Lab opening at Target Gallery


Keith Haring at Ageha Shibuya

cant go to this cos i got duty, fuck

but going to this after i get off work 🙂

ZEVS Solo Exhibition

art statement
3-2-12 Ebisu-minami
Tokyo 150-0022

wish i could read japanese, i want to go to this

my boat better be pulled in so i can go to these fucking events in october


fuck, cant stop watching added, skullphone signed /100